step two

I’m writing an e-book.  Ebook?  E-Book?  I should probably find out the proper way to write that since I’m writing one and all.  I’m having a hard time publicly admitting this, because my imaginary wall chart titled “Finished Projects” isn’t full of gold stars.  Heck, that wall chart is just titled “Finis.”  I’d really like to put “Wrote The Book That Had Been On My Heart For Years” on a list of completed tasks.  When you’ve developed a reputation for enthusiasm sans follow-through, you tend to get scared to announce that you’re excited about yet another new idea.

Why me?  I can think of a eight reasons in less than 30 seconds why someone else is more qualified to write a devotional for teachers and administrators. For example, in three days, I’ll be finishing only my eighth year of teaching.  And yet, I’ve been reading about writing, thinking about writing, talking about writing…  (My sweet husband is probably thrilled to hear the click of this keyboard instead of the click of my tongue right now.)  I came to the conclusion that I should write it because God put it on my heart.  You know, the ol’ “‘Cause I Said So” rhetoric.  Done.

So, I started sketching out my topics for “Meditations for Educators” (working title) about a week ago on.  And now, I’m typing them and organizing them.  You know it’s for real when you put it in an Office document, right?

Topic Ideas