first guest post

Well, y’all…

Who has a blog full of 5 whole posts (just five, that’s right) and takes up a friend’s offer to guest post on her blog?  Um, that’d be this lady right here.

While I’ve been avoiding writing while struggling with the purpose of me blogging, I thought I’d author words for someone else’s blog.  Makes total sense.

I’ve known Cintia since 2000, when we were members of a praise and worship team.  We shared a bathroom for a Summer, and she gave me a pedicure.  I wonder how many times she shook her head at my ridiculous sleeping schedule.  It’s funny how Twitter can reconnect a friendship even after a decade of not seeing someone face-to-face.

Drew Barrymore 2 by David ShankboneCintia just gave birth to her third child a few days ago, and she often blogs about motherhood, so I thought I’d share about how Drew Barrymore made me have a nervous breakdown.  Makes total sense.

Join me at, won’t ya?


3 thoughts on “first guest post

  1. Silly me kept saying to myself, “Gosh, Lauren’s friend looks an awful lot like Drew Barrymore.” lol Glad I kept reading. 🙂

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