how to find new music

This is what happens when I ask my Twitter friends for music suggestions:

I spent 15 seconds typing in a question, and I get back 11 suggestions that sum up a far more varied, yet personalized answer than I think Siri or Google or certainly Jeeves could ever give me.

Jeff, Cintia, and I were members of a praise & worship team called Kadasha more than a decade ago.

Rob taught Ben and I about leading worship and gave us the chance to do so when we were mere babes at UNC.  (Rob was a mere babe back then, too. Right, Rob? Heck, we’re all still spring chickens.)

Brian and I sang in an a cappella group.  Seriously fun, frequently “pitchy” a la Randy Jackson times.  By the way, have you seen The Sing-Off on NBC?  You should just so you can listen to Ben Folds judge.

So I’ve performed with each of these people, thus I knew they had great taste and wouldn’t waste my time.  I haven’t performed with Crystal, but she manages her husband’s band, so I figured she spends plenty of time with music.  We met through a Hello Mornings webcast chat and now I follow her on Twitter.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking up all these suggestions today, and I fully intend to use this research method again when my ears are bored. So what if you’re not on Twitter?  How should you find new music?  I suggest asking the same question to your friends… but in person. [gasp]


5 thoughts on “how to find new music

    • Me, too. I think it’s time to refresh my playlist with some Ben Folds Five!

      Really pumped to see that you signed on! Have you participated in the Hello Mornings Challenge before?

      • Thanks, Lauren. Actually, I’m brand new to Hello Mornings! My kids are in college now, but I’ve always been an early riser. I wish there had been a group like this when they were younger.
        I think it’s a wonderful idea, and I’m excited to make some new friends!

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