possibly too much pre-coffee irony

A few of you may have noticed that button over to the left that says something about mornings.  You may have groaned at the sight of it just because of the ‘m’ word, but it’s a heart warmer for me!

Columbia River Gorge at Sunrise, From an Elevation of About 7,000 Feet 05/1973

Here is an excerpt from an email that I sent to some other women who are taking the Hello Mornings Challenge.


I began this challenge back in January, when groups were assigned (randomly, I guess?) and I hadn’t met any of the participants.  The challenge started about a week before I went back to work after having taken a semester off.  A few weeks after that, I began experiencing odd medical symptoms that have had me back and forth to doctors all year long.  Weird symptoms, a stressful teaching environment, an infant who wasn’t sleeping well… It sort of seemed impossible, but it wasn’t!

Because of the Winter session, my heart is believing more and more that early morning time with the Lord is crucial Twenty more minutes of sleep isn’t going to make a difference in my symptoms, but twenty minutes of time with the Lord will make a difference in how focused and loving I am today.  And you know what else?  One of the people I have leaned on the most through these tests and doctor visits is a woman with a similar story that I met through #HMC11.  Think that was a coincidence for us to be put in the same group?  I don’t!

I sent that 2 days ago.  Then this morning, my youngest woke up crying 20 minutes before my alarm went off.  And I was so focused and loving irritated.  The irony is not lost on me.

Really, I was irritated because I knew he wasn’t going back to sleep easily (or maybe at all) and I just wanted the silent morning all to myself.  I’m selfish.  And that is exactly why I need the Hello Mornings Challenge.  I need some accountability – via social media – from other women who have the same thing in mind:  getting up earlier than the rest of the family so I can spend time with God (and maybe even exercise and plan ahead for the day!)  I’m a selfish woman who will become less selfish if she gets that all-to-herself time with God.  (Again, ironic?)

Taking on my days this way has impacted me so much that I decided to be an Accountability Captain this go round!  Being a leader makes me step up my game, so here’s to more consistency!

I’m linking up at Inspired to Action today and Kat (our fearless pre-dawn leader) asked if we have any tips.  I do.

Use a plastic baby utensil to stir your coffee, and you’ll never hate your silverware for being too loud.


7 thoughts on “possibly too much pre-coffee irony

  1. I love your tip! That made me giggle! It does seem like every tiny noise is magnified in the mornings. There’s always that knot in my stomach, OH no is that going to wake the baby!

  2. You spoke the reality… I am often (maybe almost always) wanted a silent moment, but my girl is a morning raiser way early that I am. Selfish, yes, I think. I am so thankful to find this HelloMornings challenge and hope to exercise myself waking up earlier than her and the baby #2 (soon will be here!).
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Can’t wait for this challenge. I have to get up at 5am starting tomorrow to do trial morning runs with my 5 year old as first day of school starts on Friday and her pick up is at 7:15am! Workout 5-6 (so theoretically, I need to set my alarm at 4:45–ugh!) 6:00-6:15 quiet cool down/reflection/God time. 6:15 wake up Miss C and off the day go! Thanks for leading our team, captain! 🙂

    • You’re going to be ahead of the ballgame when we officially start up next week. And 4:45?!! Wow. Hope you’re already in bed!

      And on that note, I should be getting my kids in bed…

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