zeroing in with your help

If I say, “music teacher mom,” what are you thinking?

If I said, “a blog written by a music teacher mom,” what would you expect to read?

In staff training at school last week, I learned that I’m a “green” personality with almost equal “blue” tendencies, according to the True Colors personality assessments.  To simplify, this means I’m an {over}analyzer who looks for the heart connection. (Mr. Man, the hubs, interjects here to say that he thinks I’m way more green than blue.  I digress…)

I need to know why and for whom I’m writing.  I think I’m finding the purpose for this blog.  I’m a mom.  I’m a teacher.  I’m a learner.  Put those experiences in the blender with some coffee and froyo and pour it into the address currently in your browser.  (That is, unless you’re reading in a blog reader.  I digress…)  Back to my questions:  Does ‘music teacher mom’ create that expectation for you?  And what kind of things might a music teacher mom have to say that could be valuable for you?

Thanks for helping me with my green and blue traits today, y’all.


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