BANG! {and they’re off!}

The boys are down for a nap, and I’m waiting for my brand spankin’ new 1st grader to come home.  (New to first grade, not to me.)  “Waiting” makes it sound like I’m killing time, but I just finished writing my to-do list in green dry erase ink.  Everything needs to be purposeful (including blogging!) because school is back in session.  Go back and read that last phrase in your slow motion voice.

Whiteboard Markers

The kids’ laundry is cooling in the dryer, my big honkin’ pink binder impatiently waits to collect yet unwritten lesson plans, and a black leotard is faintly calling, “Find me!  T minus 2 hours…”

There is some wisdom in advice that says to leave your work at work, but I find that impossible to do, even if I leave my copy of my curriculum standards in the school building. During the opening day assembly in the dim gymnatorium, I smiled to myself remembering how excited G was this morning.  When I got home, I wondered how many of my recruits will actually get to have their schedule changed to include a music class.  My two worlds bleed into each other in my mind and heart, whether I like it or not.

I loved the reminder from Lara Williams today that God prepared these jobs (big and small) for me.  I don’t feel overwhelmed by them as long as I remember that he chose and has equipped/is equipping/will equip me for this spot I inhabit today.  I feel like I have quiplash after typing that.

T minus 30 minutes til I hear how awe-inspiring it is to be a first grader.  Better get that laundry before it’s stone cold!


3 thoughts on “BANG! {and they’re off!}

  1. I do not think you can separate your work life and your home life… I think they are all one. I certainly think you should be giving each what you should but they are not separate. I am a better worker because of my home life. I try to think of life as just that… not separated into categories… It all needs to be weaved together to make the most out of it that you can.

    • Sometimes I’d like to have the super-power of only being where I am so that someone is getting the best I have to offer in that moment. I can’t separate myself into “mom” and “teacher,” but I have to be selective in how I allow each of my environments to affect the other. If I’m up all night with the baby, I’ve still got to bring the best I’m able to my students. If one of my students goes off on me, I can’t come home and be a grouch to my family.

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