new shoes, a dream, & a happy dance

These shoes are one of my favorite things today.  B feels infinitely cool in them, refers to them as his ‘rockstar’ shoes, and informed and proved to us that they’re fast.  A new pair of stellar shoes, like a fresh haircut, is like a new lease on life to me.  Going shoe shopping the first school night of the year is a new one for me, but we have all learned to be pretty flexible considering the number of meetings, lessons, and rehearsals that must be attended by either Mom or Dad most nights of the week.

Tomorrow, I think I may get a real roster.  By real, I mean more than 5 students in each class.  That’s the hope, anyway!  The poor guidance counselor practically lives at the school, so if he decides to eat dinner at home tonight instead of changing schedules at 7 PM, I’ll get over it.

Some teachers look at me with crazy eyes when I say I want more students, but would you want to try to lead a choir with 3 people in it?  We aren’t the Andrews Sisters, people.  Although one time, I did have 5 freshman girls who sang SSA music, and I kind of felt like B in his shoes.  (Non-Musician timeout:  SSA means soprano-[2nd]soprano-alto.  In other words, they sang 3-part harmony.)  It’s my dream for this school to have a choir that represents them well in the community.  I’d love to hear people saying things like, “They’re small, but they’re good!”  “Did you know 12 kids could sound like that?!”  “I thought those kids were too bad to be out in public, but they were great today.”

Another favorite thing today?  Calling my husband on the way home from work and being able to say that I executed a certain teaching strategy better than ever before.  The assignment that used to get practically no results actually got kids thinking and talking today.  —doing my little celebration dance–  

Why was it more successful?  Because I broke it down further than I ever have before.  Itty bitty, teeny tiny baby steps help people who have previously been unsuccessful feel that success is possible.  {REMEMBER THAT, ME!}  Teachers call it scaffolding.  Parents call it raising kids.


4 thoughts on “new shoes, a dream, & a happy dance

  1. Scaffolding. Such a beautiful, meaningful word. This is proof in point that there really is validity in those behavior psychology courses we took long before we knew what real teaching was all about. Theory vs. Practice. And now that we’ve practiced a whole lot, the theory makes more sense. Just so you know, I feel that way about the piano too. 🙂

  2. ” (Non-Musician timeout: SSA means soprano-[2nd]soprano-alto. In other words, they sang 3-part harmony.)” By the way in other words I still do not understand this! LOL I taught my Kids sports the same way. I would break the art of pitching or shooting a basketball down into 10 different aspects and we would practice one aspect at a time and then build on that. Finally at some point we put them all together and they would be able to do whatever we were working on. We never stopped going over those points even when they were the best on their teams. We always came back to the basis almost every practice. We built muscle memory.. I guess you built vocal cord memory?? 🙂

    • Yes! Everyone who can speak has been building muscle memory since birth, because your vocal cords are a muscle, too. (Forgive me if you knew that.)

      Sounds like any coach who came in contact with your kids would have been thrilled… Can’t tell you how many speeches I’ve heard about fundamentals and the lack thereof in wannabe athletes.

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