31 days of a new normal {day 4} HA!

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Yes, Mom.  I said ‘like’ unnecessarily.  But for reallies, what the crap is this lady saying?!  (And Mark A. – I really liked that post you tweeted the other day about profanity, but I gotta pick my battles.)  So anyway, back to the crap this lady is saying.

The rheumatologist’s nurse is saying that all my bloodwork is “normal” and that I’m to make follow-up appointments “as needed.”  Yuh-wha-wha?

I had to keep her talking while I figured out what she meant.  After she repeated “as needed,” I realized my awesome new doctor who drained my blood dry has just dumped me.  This is not fair.  We’re not even in a Twilight book.

It’s like they expected me to know already that they don’t do fibromyalgia.  So I just asked.  Turns out, I should go back to my PA or my neurologist for an actual diagnosis.  (Thoughts?  I seek education.)

And that, my friends, is why everybody who’s done any long-term medical stuff keeps saying


Know what I’m grateful for today?  That I have a lead!  I believe that doctor was really just trying to help me out, though fibro isn’t her specialty.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about leaning on those who’ve been there and done that.


3 thoughts on “31 days of a new normal {day 4} HA!

  1. You are so absolutely right about being your own advocate. You can not depend on doctors taking care of you. You are one of numerous patients they may see every day. You have to question them all the time. You have to demand at times they re listen to what you just told them. Sometimes you have to question them pretty hard. Are they guessing or do they believe what they are saying totally. A lot of guess work goes into that profession. If something is not adding up make them help you add it up.

    Good luck with all your stuff here Lauren.

  2. You do have to become your own advocate. My (doctor) aunt told me that you need to go back to your primary care physician because all roads lead back to that office. Whatever was said/not said, that info should be there and then you can know what to do. You’re doing the right thing about seeking for clarity, getting some hard answers, etc. Alternate professions for you might include lawyer or detective. Yeah, Detective Lutz. 🙂

    • Thanks for talking to you aunt, Libby. I’m glad you said that, because it made me think twice about my plan. I’m now going to get in touch with my PA and see if anyone has done a Lyme disease test. As it turns out, I already had a follow-up appt scheduled for the end of this month with neurologist #2.

      Perhaps all this scheduling is preparing me for a job as an administrative assistant.

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