31 days of a new normal {day 6} foggy

This post is part of a month-long series.  You can read the rest here.

I made a plan.  I called neurologist #2 and made an appointment.  Er… rather, I called and was informed I already have a follow-up appointment scheduled for October 29th.  Well, that should give us something interesting to talk about the last few days of this series!

Sometimes I want to blame incidents like that on brain fog, because, frankly, I know that there have been periods in the last couple of months where I’m running on a Pentium II instead of whatever’s really in this headdrive. LeBron James (Like that?  I like making up words.  My husband does, too.  The best one he ever accidentally made up (while in the pulpit!) was “satisfication,” and then LeBron James used it in a press conference.  I’m still hearing about that one.)

This morning we missed my daughter’s soccer game, because I put the wrong time into Google calendar.  Is that brain fog?  Is that stuff that happens to everybody? Is that typical Lauren?  Don’t answer that, Dad.  I am so much better than I was fifteen years ago.  No doubt.

It used to make me feel so much better if I could justify my reason for messing up.  Now I just want to get better.  Perhaps that’s part of growing up.  In the meantime, I’m so grateful for the gracious attitudes of my family and especially, in more weighty soul-matters, the continuous grace of my Savior.


One thought on “31 days of a new normal {day 6} foggy

  1. Forgetting stuff like that sounds pretty typical for the families I interact with. 🙂

    Headdrive… I thought that was a soccer move? Or is that the term for the person in the family in charge of driving most of the time(wear it proud). Or maybe it is an Indian chief that works for Microsoft.

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