31 days of a new normal {day 9} options

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“You shall exercise, and exercise you shall, because it hath been decreed from on high and fallen from the mind of God through the heavens to the lips of a woman in a white coat…”

I think that’s how she said it.


cyclist… (Photo credit: carsumv)

I’d love to buy a nice bike and become a cyclist like my husband.  (Not a spandex fan, but definitely in awe of anyone who can push themselves to ride 100+ miles in a day.)  I’d be much more likely to get past my fear of falling, my fear of dogs chasing me, and my fear of psychopaths knocking me off the road with their cars and dragging me to a nearby field if I could ride with someone else.  But, if the hubs goes, then we have to carry the babies on our bikes.  And then I’d have a new way to fear the kids dying.  (This is quickly becoming another post for another day!)  One time I rode 4 miles at the beach, and when I finished, my jello legs vibrated the words “That Was Amazing.”  I heard it.

I’m curious.  How much would you pay for a monthly gym membership?  Let’s say it’s a good gym with up-to-date machines and free weights, childcare on site, certified trainers, a few classes, a well-maintained pool and sauna, a basketball court, and a walking track.  What’s it worth to you?


4 thoughts on “31 days of a new normal {day 9} options

  1. With my schedule it works best for me to get up early and do my exercising at home so I have invested my money in a series of scripted workout videos. I have done Insanity, P90X, Insanity Asylum, Dr K’s workout videos. I have invested in P90X2 and a couple of others that are in the queue to be worked into a schedule. I like not having to go anywhere and not worrying about is the gym open and the time I lose getting ready to go and traveling there and back. I also like having a lot of different routines so that I do not get bored with the same exercises day after day. It also helps to have a plan. Make the plan; work the plan. Don’t think …. LOL

    As far as what I would pay. As a Christmas gift we pay for our son’s YMCA membership and I think what you mention I would be willing to pay for one person $30 t0 $50 a month and more for a family membership.

  2. $52/month. It is an investment but I’ve found if I pay more, I’ll go more often. I do the whole “cost per visit” thing in my head.

    • That makes sense to me! I find myself thinking about how much I’ll be paying for the doctor and meds if I choose not to exercise, too.

      Thanks for the reply, because it helps me know that our gym (at $44-48/mo) isn’t ridiculously overpriced.

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