31 days of a new normal {day 16} crazy

This post is part of a month-long series.  You can read the rest here.

For several months, I fought the is-this-really-happening-or-am-I-crazy-enough-to-subconsciously-be-making-this-stuff-up battle.  My second neurologist thinks I have vertigo that is a separate issue from the rest of my little medical wagon full of weirdness.  Vertigo will definitely make you think you are crazy if you can’t explain it. 2002 - 2004 Wimbledon doubles champion, Todd W...

Also, when your elbow is buzzing like you just smacked your funny bone on a metal pole, and then an hour later you think you could win Wimbledon with that elbow… That will make you feel crazy, too.  (And not just because I haven’t played in about 2 years.)

So after spending a lot of time debating myself on whether not I have something worth spending thousands of dollars to diagnose, you’d think I’d be pedal-to-the-metal, gung-ho, go git ’em boys READY to attack this thing every day.  You don’t fight that battle for nothing, right?

Yeah, today, I just really want to ignore it.

That is all.


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