31 days of a new normal {day 19} that’s gonna leave a mark


She was digging that needle around in my arm today the way our Jack Russell terrier used to go after whatever critter had fled for safety under the backyard shed.  It really didn’t hurt until the last bit, and I felt sorry for the poor nurse.  Having to find a vein in my arm is on par with the luck of having a seal for your wheelbarrow race partner.


After the rheumatologist sent me packing, I realized I’ve got to do more research, make more choices alone, and, as I once infamously said during a board game, “make something happen.”


Sweet Nurse finally struck oil in my hand, and we sent that off for a Lyme test, per my request.  Chronic Lyme disease is a really controversial topic in the medical field.  From what I can tell, the majority of doctors won’t touch it, because the CDC and some other important organization think it’s a psychosomatic disorder that happens after people get treated for Lyme disease.  It looks a lot like fibromyalgia, and it seems like more than a few get diagnosed with both diseases.  I’ve just started researching it, but it seems pretty odd to me that thousands of people would develop the same psychosomatic symptoms “after” Lyme disease.  They all turned into hypochondriacs?  Hm.


I can’t ever remember getting a tick bite, but I still want to cross this one off the list.  If I really want to do that, I may have to get yet another blood test done (according to those with Chronic Lyme.)


Poor, sweet nurse.



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