31 days of a new normal {day 24} gf update

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I had been in China for a week when I spotted an American-style deli.  I ate a sub with cheese, and I cried real, salty tears over a dairy product.  Sheesh.

Today I stood in aisle #79 at my local (small town) Walmart and had a similar experience.  I didn’t cry, but I did start talking and moving very rapidly. My son asked even asked me what was wrong. It’s been less than 2 weeks since I started the gluten-free diet, and I have been DYING over Cheez-Its.  (Wow.  Dramatic, Me?)  This is what I brought home, plus some rice and white corn tortillas.


Finding things for me to eat hasn’t been too hard.  Re-thinking meals for my family is harder.  For exapmle, I’ve wanted to make chicken tenders for the kids, but I can’t use the boxes of Panko or Italian bread crumbs that I normally do if I’m going to eat some.  (I don’t recall my mom being a short-order cook for any of us, and I don’t want to go down that road, either.)

Is the diet worth it?  I reserve the right to withdraw this statement, but I think so.  My pain has just about been non-existent with the exception of night time.  I’m not sure about any change in the fatigue.

I don’t intend to throw hissy fits if I can’t eat gluten-free every meal.  We had to attend a meeting at a pizza joint during the dinner hour.  I ate a salad and just one slice of pizza, and that’s okay with me.  In fact, I think occasional exceptions help keep me from pouting.

At bedtime, our daughter prayed,

And God, thank you for Father John’s Pizza.  I mean, Father God’s Pizza.  I mean, yeah.  That’s it.



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  1. You’ve got to admire the prayers of the little people! Shoot me an email. I’ve stumbled over some fantastic gluten-free websites. 🙂

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