31 days of a new normal {day 31} kind of crappy – a perfect ending

This post is the final post in a month-long series.  You can read the rest here.

Warning:  This post is not for the faint of heart, delicate-nosed, or weak-stomached.

This thought crossed my mind today:  Would it be wrong to stop feeding my family for a few days so I wouldn’t have to deal with any digestive by-products for a few days?

That was a joke.  Put your phone down.

What follows is not a joke.  I repeat, not a joke.  Stop laughing already.

It all started after lunch when I heard the visiting 3 year-old friend in the bathroom.  “Woah, buddy – I just noticed that toilet is clogged.  Let’s go to my bathroom.”   He’s in his Halloween costume, so I help him prepare to stink up my bathroom and leave.  I’m not sure how much privacy he needs.  It’s kinda weird when it’s not your kid, ya know?

This is taking too long.  “Hon, do you need help?”


That’s when I see half a roll or more of TP in the bowl.  It looks like he might have tried to flush once.  Oh, wow.  Tiny three year old bodies can produce the Stench of Death?

Within an hour and a half, both my toilets are clogged, I discover that I’m not particularly suave with the plunger, my middle son has pooped in his underwear and Halloween costume, I really need to go, and my youngest son has two stinky diapers.

The friend leaves.

I find out exactly where my son stood when he pooped as I step in a puddle of pee.

My commode decides to freak me out by unclogging itself and shortly thereafter flooding my bathroom floor.

…and then I put on my cleaning gloves.


Today is the final day of this challenge to blog during every day of October, and it’s the perfect day to do it.  I don’t have a diagnosis, so I’m still not entirely sure what my new normal looks like.  I know that it probably involves more naps, a need for flexibility, and likely medication.

Sometimes life (or a new normal) seems like you’re cleaning up one pile of crap after another, if that’s how you choose to look at it.  Yes, each little part of the story got my attention for a second, but then I could see it in context.  My toilet is clogged, because I finally made the day extra-special for my son by inviting his best buddy over.  Worth it.  I’m changing two stinky diapers in an hour, because I have a beautiful, healthy baby.  Worth it.  It’s all about perspective.

Do you know what happened at the end of my day?  This!!!

Fighting the good fight is worth it.  There’s joy to be found around every corner, and at the end of this life, I plan on enjoying the best celebration ev-ah.

Thanks to anyone who read during this challenge, and a special thanks to those who commented.  It’s really, really encouraging to hear from you.  Thank you, Nester, for providing the link-up.  I feel quite successful, even having missed 4 days!


5 thoughts on “31 days of a new normal {day 31} kind of crappy – a perfect ending

  1. Love is worth it Lauren.

    Sacrifices we make for love do not seem like sacrifices at all. If we realize we are doing it out of love they mold themselves into privileges; and to me it is a privilege to do something for the people I love. Is this not what we want? Do we not want to have opportunities to express our love to those we love deeply? To even do it when they have no idea what we have done and the times they do. When we do for those we love we are laying down a part of our lives to pick up a part of theirs.

      • I live in Virginia and you I think in North Carolina. There is not room enough for both of us in this blogging world. 🙂 I bow to your skills. I stand on the bridge and watch the river from your prose.

        And you know I am an engineer and before I went to Va Jen Ya Teck I could not spell igineer and now I is one. And us ingineeers are very limited in our use of words. We like numbers. 🙂

  2. Definitely worth it, Lauren. I’ve been there and done that MANY times over the years (life is never dull when you have a son). In fact, to continue the grossness…

    the first time my kids ever heard me swear was when my son, fully grown at 17 and having eaten a HUGE Japanese steakhouse dinner, overflowed the toilet in the powder room. Yeah, the one just off the kitchen. It was spilling over the sides and spreading all over the floor. I let the s-word slip as I watched it roll down into the floor duct.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to continue the cleanup all by myself because my teenagers were in hysterics. Best laugh they’ve ever had,

    See what you have to look forward to? And it’s still worth every minute 🙂

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