how hawaii inspired me to get it in gear

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like to blast it all over social media when I’m leaving the continent for a week. This is where I was:

sunsetYou can see why I wasn’t blogging, too.

My aunt and I were talking about that phrase, “It’s good to go, and it’s good to come home.”  She said my grandmother used to say that it’s pretty sad if you didn’t feel that way.  I heartily concur, and it gave me extra incentive to work at that thing on the front of my brain: getting this house in shape.  Just because I’m not staying in a multi-million dollar beachfront rental house in Kailua doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy the luxuries of clean, well-planned, and comfortable.  (Ahem. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the the lodging.)

Today I ordered this from Amazon to assist me in my epic battle with the clutter.  Yes, epic.  I know that word is overused, but my imagination tells me my battle’s worse than yours.speakerThe masseuse had one of these things going last week, and I was really impressed with the sound quality when I saw how tiny it is.  (Ahem. Thanks, Rachel, for the massage.) I thought, “You mean I can plug my phone into that instead of carrying around a drinking glass as a natural amplifier?  This will be the final push I need to show overflowing closets who’s boss.”

I really did think that. However, I am now in more of a right mind about my reasons for purchasing it.  Massages make me over-the-top silly, but now I’m remembering that I’ve purchased magazines, shelving, books, containers, binders, web applications, and likely things I can’t even recall all in the hope of organization.  Now I remember that you can’t buy your way into organized.  You have to work your way through it every day.

Here are a few songs of the songs I’ve lined up to power me through my work today:

  • Call Me the Breeze – Lynyrd Skynyrd (blues rock, YES!)
  • Sir Duke  – Stevie Wonder (no dancing = no pulse)
  • Bust A Move  – Young MC (that bass line, y’all)
  • Your Love Is Strong – Jon Foreman (just everything)
  • Give It Up or Let Me Go – Dixie Chicks (even my 4yo appreciates this mastery of jam)
  • When the Saints – Sara Groves (the bridge, the bridge, the bridge. amen.)
  • You & Me – Dave Matthews Band (i heart triple meter and my husband, who deserves a clean home)

sunset 2


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  1. I’m glad you had the pleasure of going away and I’m glad you’re back. I can’t wait to hear about your experiences, in your clean house, while we sip on some good coffee or tea. 🙂

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