what i learned this week #3

whatilearnedthisweek1.  I should not stomp on the floor like Elton John when I’m not wearing shoes like Elton Brand, because it is possible to bust a blood vessel in your foot while playing piano with your hands.

2.  All my friends with children would make the trek to my itty bitty town if they knew how fabulous this place is.  (*Ahem.* I have an unlimited guest pass for the next year.  Come see me, friends!)

3. Seeing my sister become a mom for the second time makes me so very proud.

4. You can stomp on the floor all you want, but it won’t suffice for experiencing the Holy Spirit in corporate worship.

5. Nicki Minaj should not be a judge on American Idol.  I watched 5 people sing for the first time all season, and I didn’t hear her contribute anything of value even once.

6. Cleaning my bathroom makes me feel better, and – surprise! – makes getting ready much faster.

7.  Florida Gulf Coast University’s men’s hoops team is hard not to love, and my bracket is shot to pieces. bracket2013


6 thoughts on “what i learned this week #3

  1. Lauren,
    I am loving Florida Gulf Coast and pulling for them. My bracket is still pretty good. You should have stayed away from that NC school. 🙂 I did not have to make any heart picks since my school was not even in the NIT. When we joined the ACC I don’t think we knew that we were going to have to play basket ball. Ha. Go Hokies!!

      • It’s like “What were they thinking?”. This:?? “Let’s see if we can find a school that can potentially be better than all our schools so they can get our automatic bid each year. Oh Louisville… Ok ask them.”

      • And the whole physically agressive (to put it kindly) thing is not exciting. Pitino is obviously a good coach, and hopefully it will raise the level of everyone’s play, but I hope they don’t expect to play football on the ACC basketball courts like they do in their current conference.

  2. Well Lauren,
    Being a Va Tech Hokie I would have to say the only way we compete would be if we could play football on the basketball courts!! LOL

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