what i learned this week #4

1. In order to pop a 6 in the game of Trouble, one should “talk smack in your head,” according to my daughter.  “It didn’t work,” I said.  “Welllp, it works for me on my journey,” said my oh-so-wise 7 year old.

2. Clear, hanging shoe organizers are the answer.  I’ve had a clean countertop all week!organized

3. “Super Duper Pooper” is even funnier performed in a spot-on cockney accent by my oh-so-wise 7 year old.

4.  I really long to celebrate Easter in a much bigger, completely uncheesy way.  The Easter Bunny didn’t come to our house, and my eldest noticed.  “It must have been the rain.”  And that’s a story too long for this type post.

4. Among the many, often short-lived, usually unwanted nicknames that I have received in 3 decades, “Bag Lady” should have been one of them.  In my dejunking (let’s not fool ourselves here with the word “clutter”) frenzy, I went through 4 large tote bags full of teaching stuff.  Each one was like a time capsule.  My favorite was apparently from 2005-2006.  Here are some of the more remarkable items I rescued trashed.dejunking1. My husband’s license that expired in 2006.  Pardon the mustaches to protect his identity.  I prefer them not on his face.  2. Eight-year-old lip gloss anyone?  3.  Cassette tapes!!  YES!  I showed them to my kids and they were like “Wha?”  4.  A birthday card for Megan.  I hope I called.  5. Phone cards and a NetZero CD.  Doesn’t that seem ancient?!  6. Two of the three hole punches I found.  No need to trash those!  7. My husband’s lanyard ID for summer camp when he was a youth pastor.  8. These are still cool, right?  No, they didn’t work.  9. A mini cassette! I guess I love all forms of media.


7 thoughts on “what i learned this week #4

  1. I guess we must be traveling in similar circles. This post could have been my own words. I was going through a sink cabinet and found one knitted bootie and one baby walking shoe. Then the question became, were any of those my brother’s or mine? If so, clearly they’re between 36-40 years old. And if not, then whose are they. *insert Twilight Zone music here * Also friend of mine, I’ve been looking for a clear pocket organizer for my bathroom closet. Please let me know where you snatched that one up.

  2. Lauren,
    The shoe thing is a good idea. I might use that in the garage. Put all those car cleaning bottles in one place. What no long lost 8 tracks? Maybe your daughter needs to explain how to talk smack in your head. Maybe we could all learn something valuable to help at work!! So the Easter Bunny missed one house in all of NC; He is going to be in trouble when he gets back to the Easter egg factory.

  3. Once I held onto a phone card well into the cell-phone-era because of that irrational thought that is the root of much clutter: “There is no possible use for this anymore…but maybe…just maybe the stars might align in some very particular way in some very particular moment…and then…then I might need it…in THAT moment, what would I do without it? This phone card will save my life!” And then IT HAPPENED. That phone card that sat in my wallet for years saved me from being homeless my first night of my first trip to India. Boom.

    Don’t use this story as a reason to dig through your trash can and save the phone card. The stars have already aligned on this one- phone cards will never be useful again. Keep on keepin’ on with your de-junking!

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