what i learned this week #5 {a family health-related edition}

whatilearnedthisweekIt was after I’d written all these down that I realized they were all about food and exercise.  I may have learned other things this week, but I think I’ll save those for a blog post that will stay trapped in my head for a good two weeks.  Maybe this Summer I’ll be able to write more frequently.

  1. Don’t bake with colored toothpicks.  The dye will come off around the holes where you punctured your newly Pinterested pesto-chicken-roll-up recipe, and while confetti cake is awesome, unintentional confetti chicken is not.
  2. Zumba makes me feel like one of the cool kids.
  3. This stuff should not go in your eye. bugrepellent It’s not the worst thing you can imagine, but it was probably the worst part of my Thursday.  It’s important to make sure that the pump spray is pointed in the right direction.  Oh, you knew that already?
  4. I’m the only one in this family of five who really, really likes kale.
  5. My husband likes golf enough to play during the same week that he breaks down and visits a doctor for a shoulder issue.  Hmm.  This I cannot relate to.
  6. My middle child’s love language decidedly is quality time. 5lovelanguageskidsWe rode our bikes and ran around the block together a couple of times tonight, and twice he looked up and said unprompted, “I love you, Mom.”
  7. Two of my kids are old enough and strong enough to help me train for a 5k.  My oldest can run like crazy, and she shocked herself – and me – with how easy it was for her to run 1.3 miles tonight.  She’s come a long way since February.  Now instead of thinking I can’t exercise because I’m with the kids, I should think I can exercise because I’m with the kids.  Hallelujah!

6 thoughts on “what i learned this week #5 {a family health-related edition}

  1. Lauren,
    I do not even now what Kale is except somewhere in the dark corners of my mind I think it is seaweed! 🙂 LOL I a pretty sure I speak the same language as your child. Time spent with loved ones is awesome. Enjoy your running. I have to listen to music when I run or else I would be screaming bored when I was done.

    • HA! Kale does remind me of seaweed in looks, but it’s closest to collards in taste and texture, I think.

      I’m glad you mentioned running with music – I meant to order an armband today for my phone. Can you believe this musician doesn’t own an iPod or mp3 player of any sort?! My BFF told me that C25K (Couch to 5K) is more than just a plan like I thought it was — There are lots of podcasts out there to tell you when to run and when to walk! So cool!

  2. KALE!!!! I LOVE KALE!!!! It is best when juiced hahaha! WooHoo!!!!

  3. Kale chips! You can always invite me over when you need someone to help you finish them off. 🙂

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